8 Jul 2017


Me back in 2014 doing a Falconry Experience day for my birthday. Literally, my favourite thing to do ever!
 I stole these questions from a video I watched on Youtube recently, and thought it would be fun to answer them myself. I tag anyone else who is interested in doing this, and please let me know if you do by leaving me a link to your own blog post! This is a long one so be sure to grab some drinks and snacks! Hope you enjoy!

1. What is the coolest thing about your hometown?

A. There is isn't much that is cool about my home town really to be honest, but if I had to choose one thing, I would probably say the historical buildings!

2. Do you have a favourite place to hang out in your hometown?

A. The library. It hasn't really changed since the 1970s and therefore it reminds me of many happy hours spent in there as a child!

3. Best advice you could give to someone who wants to visit your hometown?

A. Don't bother!

4.Describe your hometown in a few words?

A. Dead-beat shit hole!

5. Can you do an accent (other than your own) so perfectly, that you can actually fool someone who didn't know you?

A. Yes Scottish. More Edinburgh than Glasgow though!

6. A talent you wish you had?

A. Play the violin

7. Favourite band of all time?

A. Queen!

8. Can you do an impression of someone?

A. My mother, and she hates it!

9. One thing you still have from your childhood? 

A. A silver necklace my grandmother bought for me from Avon when I was about 6!

10. Do you keep a secret that you would never share with anyone?

A. I do! Don't we all?

11. Favourite Sesame Street character?

A. The Count! Of course!

12. Have you ever met a famous person?

A. I once met Tommy Walsh (D.I.Y person from British t.v) at a home show, although I'm not sure you can really count that?

13. Favourite colour?

A. I love all colours but I especially love military green!

14. Silver or gold?

A. Silver! I am a total moon child!

15. Your fashion icon?

A. Helena Bonham Carter. Adore her quirkly style!

16.What did you wear to your school prom?

A. As I attended this waaaay back in 1990, I'm sure it was some hideous 80s/90s creation! I have no sense of fashion and totally follow my own rules, so I probably looked ridiculous!

17. The coolest thing about your home?

A. My boyfriend's vintage cameras, a rocking chair passed down through a couple of generations, and our crockery and cutlery from the 1970s!

18. Your spirit animal?

A. Ravens. I totally feel them and hope I reincarnate as one!

19. Ideal career?

A. As you can see from the photo above, bird of prey handler! Unfortunately, this is not my job, but if I had my time again, I would bust a gut to get there!

20. Favourite phone app?

A. Instagram

21. Favourite Website?

A. Pinterest!

22. A superpower you would love to possess?

A. Instant healing.

23. Favourite swear words?

A. Bollocks is my all time favourite, closely followed by shite!

24. Favourite t.v. show?

A. Any cooking show Jamie Oliver does!

25. If your life were a song, what would the title be?

A. Can I start again?

26. An historical figure you would like to drink tea/coffee with?

A. Nikola Tesla. I would have a list of questions a mile long!

27. How do you take your tea/coffee?

A. Don't like coffee. My tea has to be strong, no sugar and a drop of milk!

28. Favourite food?

A. Italian. I love earthy flavours.

29. Least favourite food?

A. Chinese. The smell alone makes me nauseous!

30. Biggest surprise?

A. It has yet to arrive!

31. Dream car?

A. Series 3 Landrover!

32. How do you relax?

A. Reading a good book or watching Youtube videos.

33. Jogging or swimming?

A. Swimming!

34. Day or night?

A. Night!

35. Who would render you starstruck?

A. Stephen Fry for sure! 

36. Favourite female actress?

A. Helena Bonham Carter. Mad as a hatter!

37. Favourite male actor?

A. Gary Oldman. Have loved him for years!

38. An underrated film you love?

A. Bladerunner!

39. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

A. Germany in a log cabin!

40. Pets?

A. I have a little tortoiseshell cat named Molly! She's a darling! I just recently had to say goodbye to my other cat Charlie, who got to 18 years old before falling prey to various health problems. The most heartbreaking moment of my life!

41. What would you tell your younger self? 

A. Take more advantage of some of the opportunities that come your way, and get rid of some of the idiots around you that are quite literally sucking the life out of you!

42. Scared of anything?

A. Petrified of clowns!

43. You looking forward to anything?

A. Sadly, no!

44. Your signature dish? 

A. Lancashire Hotpot!

45. Favourite smell?

A. Cinnamon!

46. What car do you drive?

A. A 2003 Skoda Fabia

47. Mobile phone? 

A. A 2017 LG K8

48. Favourite brand of footwear?

A. A close tie between Dr Marten and Vans!

49. Hobbies?

A. Photography, blogging, reading, Tarot

50. Favourite Quote?

A. 'Don't underestimate me darling. I can go from lady to Ghetto in 2.5 seconds!

51. Tattoos?

A. One on either wrist, one across my shoulder blades and a huge dragon across my back!

52. Piercings?

A. My ears twice, and did have my eyebrow done and nose, but had to take those out as my body rejected them!

53. Religion/faith/beliefs? 

A. I am a Pagan witch with a leaning towards to old Norse Gods!

54. Cats or dogs?

A. Both!

55. One handbag essential?

A. A snack! I feel ill if I get too hungry!

56. Pet peeve?

A. When people don't return their shopping trolley to the bay at the supermarket!

57. Prince Harry or Prince William?

A. Both lovely boys but Prince Harry for sure! Love his mischievous streak!

58. Any regrets?

A. So, so many! 

59. Favourite place to re-visit?

A. Gauntlet Birds of Prey Sanctuary in Knutsford, Cheshire in the U.K. I am there doing a Falconry experience day in the above photo! Adore being there amongst all the gigantic birds! 

60. Ideal dinner party guests, living or dead?

A. Graham Norton, Stephen Fry, Les Dawson, Tony Robinson, Billy Connolly, Neil Oliver, Professor Brian Cox, Hannah Hauxwell, The Hairy Bikers (they could cook the food and then come and enjoy it with us!), Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken, Jim Carrey, Jeremy Irons, Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman......the list is endless and I would need a bloody great big table!

61. At what age were you the happiest? 

A. 16, when I could finally leave school, which I despised!

62. Do you believe in the Paranormal?

A. Totally! 

63. Currently reading?

A. Becoming the enchanter by Lyn Webster Wylde. Review coming soon!

64. Favourite Drink?

A. Elderflower cordial

65. Best gift you have ever received?

A roof over my head!

66. Zodiac sign?

A. Libra

67. Are you true to your sign?

A. In a few ways but I lean more towards Scorpio

68. What do you want right now?

A. A touring caravan!

69. What are you bored of in life?

A, The daily 9-5. It's beyond tedious and there must be more to life than that!

70. Guitar Idol?

A. Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold!

71. A refrigerator staple?

A.Sweet Chilli Sauce

72. Do you have a nickname?

A. Munchkin...well I am only 5"2'! 

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy survey! Hopefully, you will join in too! Have a blessed week witches!